It's about YOU,
not about us.

Your event is not all about us - it's all about you! BIGG GRIN will work hard to make everything sound great, while being as invisible and unobtrusive as possible.

Services / Events

Professional Quality Systems, from Small to XL.

Yes, it costs us more to provide truly Professional Equipment, like Clair Bros., Turbosound, JBL, EAW, Soundcraft, Crown and Crest Audio. But, it means you get a clearer sound - at any volume - with Professional Grade Reliability.

There's nothing worse than an equipment failure or overtaxed, consumer-grade system to detract from audience enjoyment. That's not going to be an issue when you hire BIGG GRIN!

Wedges 'R' Us!

Does a visiting Artist or Production require more and/or larger Monitors than you have on hand? BIGG GRIN Productions can provide multiple mixes across an array of professional Monitor Wedges and wireless In Ear Monitors (IEM).

Wedges range from 12" + 1" HF coaxial passively crossed over to dual 12" + 2" throat HF horn actively crossed over, with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) biamplified systems. Triamped Drum Fill and Side Fill systems also available.

Analog? Digital? Oh, my!

While the convenience of today's Digital Mixing Consoles cannot be denied, neither can the great, warm sound a properly tuned Analog Mixer can provide. That's why BIGG GRIN carries both.

We have 24, 32 and 48 channel Analog consoles, with a full complement of insertable effects. Our Digital mixers have 12, 16 and 32 channels, with on-board effects and tablet / smartphone wifi interoperability. Need more inputs? Just ask!

All types of Events for all types of People.

BIGG GRIN Productions is equally at home at Corporate Events, Conferences, Private Parties, Weddings, Clubs, Concert Halls, Civic Celebrations and all-out Festivals. One night stands, long weekends, extended touring - you name it!

We'll bring the right gear for the occasion and will blend in with your surroundings (as much as one can blend in among Tour Coaches and Crowd Control Fences).

Questions? Comments? Need a Quote?

Feel free to call or email requests for information and we'll respond as soon as possible.

If you are requesting a quote, please be as specific about the type of event, anticipated audience size, venue, dates/times and any Technical Riders we'll need to address.

Cross-rental inquiries welcome. BIGG GRIN can provide Subwoofers, "Racks and Stacks", Monitors and/or Mixers - with or without operating Personnel.

BIGG GRIN Productions is based in High Point, North Carolina U.S.A. (The Furniture Capitol of the World!).


Equipment Roster (more available, upon request)

  • Clair Bros ML18 (single 18")
  • Turbosound TQ-425 SP (active dual 15")
  • JBL SR4719X (dual 18")
  • Single 18" folded tractrix horns (sim. to BassMaxx B-Zero)
Mid+High Cabinets
  • Denon Pro Delta 10 (2 way active biamped, 10" + 1" HF)
  • renkus-heinz TRX121/90 (2 way passive, 12" + 1" HF)
  • Clair Bros R2D (2 way passive, 12" + 2" HF)
  • Clair Bros R2T (2 way biamped, 12" + 2" HF)
  • Turbosound TQ-440 SP (3 way active 12" + 6.5" + 1" HF)
  • Turbosound TMS3 (3 way triamped, 2 x 15" + 2 x 10" + 2" HF)
  • Line Arrays under evaluation
Monitor Wedges
  • EV (2 way passive, 12" + coaxial 1" HF)
  • JBL (2 way passive, 15" + 1" HF)
  • B&C (2 way biamped, 15" + 1.4" HF)
  • PRG Audio DFM 1x12 (2 way biamped, 12" + 2" HF) (sim. to Clair Bros 12AM)
  • EAW SM600 (2 way biamped, 2 x 12" + 2" HF)
Analog Consoles
  • Soundcraft MH-3 (32 mono + 4 stereo channels / 8 groups / 12 aux)
  • Soundcraft MH-3 (32 mono + 4 stereo channels / 8 groups / 12 aux) (not a typo, we have 2 of these beauties!)
  • Soundcraft GB-8 (48 channels / 8 groups / 8 aux)
  • Yamaha GA24/12 (24 channels / 4 groups / 6 aux)
Digital Mixers
  • Soundcraft Ui16 (12 channels / 6 groups / 4 aux)
  • Soundcraft Si Expression 1 (16 channels / 4 groups / 14 aux)
  • Soundcraft Si Impact (32 channels / 8 groups / 14 aux)
  • More under evaluation
Digital Signal Processors (DSP)
  • Turbosound LMS-D6 (by XTA)
  • Turbosound on-board DSP (by Linea Research)
  • dbx VENU 360
  • dbx Driverack 260
  • dbx Driverack PA2 (Monitor processing)
Power Amplifiers
Outboard Effects / Signal Processors
Direct Injection (DI) boxes